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Printable Food Tracking Tools

Elizabeth Horne

Hey y'all! I created these and wanted to share for anyone in a similar situation. I need more structure in my own life to track food! I know that because if I had been writing down everything I've been eating, I'd be forced to see that I haven't been eating as healthy as I'd like to think.  Sound familiar?

I lost around 30lbs. 3-4 years ago and had a lot of success keeping it off. I ate healthy. I worked out. I stayed away from sugar and junk food. Somewhere along the way I started slipping. I slipped so much I found myself back where I started. 

Before. 30lbs lighter. 

Before. 30lbs lighter. 

Frustrated with my body and disappointed with myself. So here we go again. Fighting my way back. I'm printing these off because I'm tired of feeling caught in a hamster wheel. I need accountability and I know for a fact I'll be less likely to eat junk food if I must write it down and share it with my Fit Chick Tribe.

After 30 lbs heavier. 

After 30 lbs heavier. 

Honestly, knowing I've been working my butt off this year, consistent with workouts, but washing it away with my food choices PISSES me off. LOL. There's nothing like a dose of stubborn determination to push a person towards their goals. I'm over the treats. It's time to lose the weight. Sending love and all my well wishes your way!